How You Bound


Choose your trip time and desired pickup and drop-off locations using the Routes page


Call or text Bound at 860-805-9695 to book your ride


Arrive at your pickup location 10 minutes before departure time


Bound to your destination


Arrive energized!

Booking timeframes:

Reservations need to be made at least 4 hours prior to your expected departure.


Timeliness and service excellence are the things people appreciate the most about their Bound experience. We just ask that you arrive at your pickup location, ready to roll, at least 10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.

In consideration of the schedules of your fellow travelers, we can’t wait more than 10 minutes beyond a scheduled pickup time for late passengers.

Share the ride:

There’s no question our clients love the quiet ride and use their Bound time catching up on work, reading, etc.

Because you’re often sharing the ride with other people, Bounding is a social experience, too, that inherently promotes relationship-building and networking. Whatever your preference, we know your fellow passengers will respect the way you roll.


Your Bound can accommodate one medium-sized piece of luggage per passenger, and 2 personal items, such as a purse or backpack, safely stowed in the rear of the vehicle.

For additional luggage space we recommend buying the 3rd row seat. By purchasing the 3rd row seat you will be able to bring a large size bag and an extra carry-on bag.


We know these are heavily traveled routes that attract traffic. And if things get sticky, rest assured we know the region’s travel grid pretty well — we have alternate routes for just about anything we encounter.

Typical slowdowns have already been built into the schedules Bound operates by, but we encourage you to plan carefully and allow extra time if your travel incorporates meeting arrival and/or departure schedules of other travel modes such as a flight or ferry.


Have a question? Want to let us know about your Bound experience? Inquiring about Bound employment opportunities?
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